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History In Pics recently tweeted the image on the left, claiming that it showed President John F. According to this enormously popular (and frequently incorrect) Twitter account, the young girl is wearing a mask made to look like her father. But there are two important caveats to this oft-repeated fun fact.

But if something doesn't look quite right, that's because this, of course, is a face-swapped version of the original photo. First, the photos that have been making the rounds on historical Twitter accounts don't actually show children being mailed.

There are no doubt authentic stories of children being put in the hands of U. The photo on the left has been making the rounds with the caption: "In Syria, sleeping between his parents." It's a heart-wrenching photo.

But it's actually just part of an art project from Saudi Arabia.

She had been approached by a fraudster claiming to know me.”BMA Models director Alex Haddad said they now receive around 10 calls and 20 emails about fake model scouts each week — nearly double as many as last year.

“[Scammers] will say they are scouting for models and ask for pictures, sometimes they ask for naked shots.

Secondly, fraudsters are becoming more sophisticated because of social media generally," she added.

It's from Pina Bausch's performance art dance show, Blaubart.They encourage the girls to then share explicit pictures, and when they do they try to extort them of money," Barker told send explicit images."A reputable model agency...would never ask for someone to send naked images of themselves.We are getting phone calls from concerned parents saying, ‘Is this a scam? ’ Some of them do Skype calls which are so-called interviews, and they ask things like, ‘Would you shave your head or go topless?

’ It’s always young girls who get targeted.”There were 327 cases of scam model recruiters reported in the UK last year, many of which involved social media, according to the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau. Can you believe John Lennon once sat down and played guitar with revolutionary Marxist icon (and world-renowned t-shirt logo) Che Guevara? Monroe and Kennedy were never actually caught in a secretive embrace -- not on film, anyway. In reality, the photo shows a Chinese tourism ad for Shandong province playing on a giant video screen in Tiananmen Square.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Jesintha Veijayaratnam had asked for at least six months' jail, citing Ang's convictions in 19 for extortion and for rioting, and causing hurt with a weapon in 2008.… continue reading »

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